With the growth of ecommerce, eBay has been a popular platform for businesses to sell their products online. If you’re looking for solutions to streamline your delivery process, Whistl can help manage your eBay postage requirements.

As the second largest postal operator in the UK, we currently handle over 60 million packets and parcels, both domestically and internationally. Our specialist eBay delivery services are designed to manage a large volume of deliveries so that even at peak periods when there are surges in demand, we can respond effectively.

Benefit from our flexible service

  • We offer a single collection for all of your business post, so there is no need to sort your deliveries before we arrive. This means that your customers can benefit from a speedy despatch estimate time.
  • We can tailor our service to work around your eBay business, so you can have your packets and parcels collected at a time that best suits your schedule.

Benefit from our integrated systems

  • Further streamline your eBay postage and deliveries with our integrated IT systems to help you despatch and track items, as well as run reports.
  • Use our item receipts as proof of despatch.

Exceptional customer service

When working with Whistl, your eBay business will be assigned a dedicated account manager to be a direct point of contact for any questions, help and advice. Coupled with the great customer service that you will receive, you can potentially save both time and money by moving to our eBay delivery services.