Parcel Returns 

A parcel returns solution with complete journey tracking for your business and your customers.

Taking the complexity out of reverse logistics, with a convenient parcel returns service:

With Whistl your business has access to a fully managed returns solution, which allows your customers to return their unwanted items to their nearest drop off point for an instant refund. With Whistl your business will benefit from a fully tracked parcel returns solution to improved customer service and loyalty:

The Parcel Returns Process 

Returns Process.PNG

With a managed parcel returns solution your business benefits from:

  • Customer centric return journey allowing your customers to return items locally to them

  • Full tracking visibility of the return journey for your shoppers, your business and even associated retailers

  • Enable instant refunds to keep customers loyal and minimise customer service calls

  • Complete returns data capture process for monitoring and analysis

ASOS parcel returns policy

Whistl can support your e-Commerce customers and their needs

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Can Whistl's business parcel delivery service improve my deliveries?

Whistl is the UK's leading delivery management company focused on providing solutions to support you and your business. With Whistl your business has access to a wide range of parcel delivery services and dedicated account management. Whistl has carefully selected a wide range of delivery carriers, ensuring that we offer our customers the broadest range of specialist services required to fulfil customer orders and business needs. 

Whistl's parcel delivery services are designed to ensure we can reach your customers here in the UK or Internationally. We manage the entire delivery journey for you, from item collection to the final destinations, and if your business is trading cross-borders our customs clearance solution offers you a seamless transition of goods, through the UK Border.

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Tracked Parcel Delivery

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