Standard Parcel Delivery

Looking for cost-effective parcel delivery solutions? Save your business time and money with our range of 2 to 8 day, national and international untracked parcel shipping services.

Looking for a cost effective delivery solution for your items and products, then untracked delivery services could offer you the right solution.

Our untracked services are designed for both small and large retailers looking for the most efficient way of  sending small items to their customers whether  it is a book, sportswear or mobile phone accessories just to name a few examples.

With regular, convenient collections for you the retailer, we make the process simple by consolidating the items regardless of size in one collection and taking them to one of our local depots for onward delivery to the consumer.

Untracked Parcel Delivery

How does the untracked parcel service work?

First of all we collect your items and delivers them to the nearest Whistl depot. Following this we process and sort your items at which point we transport your items to the recipient’s nearest Whistl depot. After this we hand over your items to our carrier partners, at which point the partner delivers to your customer.

parcels process 01@2x


We collect your items and take them to our nearest depot

parcels process 02@2x

Process and Sort

We process and sort your items and containers

parcels process 03@2x


We transport your items to the recipient’s nearest Whistl depot

parcels process 04@2x


Items are handed over to a selected carrier for sortation before final mile delivery

parcels process 05@2x


Our delivery partner delivers the item to your customer

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