Reach more customers with the new Royal Mail short term trial offer

Reach your target audience by accessing this low doordrop media rate. Benefit from a discounted doordrop rate for new bookings c.3 weeks from now, with access of up to 13 million UK households.

When is this offer valid?

This Royal Mail trial offer is valid for doordrop campaigns being delivered on a short booking lead time, .c. 3 weeks from now. E.g. In w/c 11th May, bookings at this rate can be made for w/c 1st June. This offer is valid for distribution before 1 Nov 2020, within the short lead times above. 

Low-cost offer rate
Eligible New Users will be allowed access to 1x Late Booking as their first booking, and thereafter the New User rate for future bookings. 

The posting client will need to place their first booking on the New User Rate Card within 3 months of first Late Booking in order to retain access to the New User rate. 

This trial Late Booking offer is priced at a lower fixed rate of £32 per thousand household addresses and is available for all items up to the 20g weight band and £34 per thousand for items up to 35g. Each week the available volume and sectors at this rate will change, however, volumes currently available is c.13  million households that you can mail to as part of this campaign offer. 

With this offer you could save up to 40%* if you are sending a doordop for the very first time or haven't done so in the last 18 months. It's perfect for testing different creatives with new audiences at this lower trial price, targeting areas that may not have been affordable to you before.

E.g. Doodrop Volume of 200k at the new user rate would be £10,706 + VAT.  1 x Late Bookings for new users would be £6,400 + VAT, saving you 40% of the media cost. Different saving percentages apply to different volumes ranging from 49% to 31%,

Am I eligible to take part?

Contact Us to find out if you qualify for this trial offer. If you are one of our agency partners, one or more of your advertisers may qualify, please first check with Whistl at the earliest opportunity for confirmation.

How do I book?

Email or call the Whistl Doordrop Team on 01628 816 611, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Full Terms and Conditions Apply

  • The minimum order is £500.
  • Available for all items in the up to 20g and 20-35g weight bands only.
  • Maximum number of households per campaign is limited to c.13 million households 
  • All items will be fixed priced at £32 or £34 per thousand households + VAT
  • Cancellation terms are the same as the Royal Mail standard product - 50% this close to delivery or 100% payable if the items are already with Royal Mail.
  • Any sectors requested that are available at the usual standard rate will be booked as a separate and unconnected contract.  
  • Postcode sectors subject to availability - same non-competing item policy.
  • Availability is limited by the same 7-item limit and category code rules as the Royal Mail standard D2D product.
  • Bookings placed prior to 11.30am will have a same day confirmation deadline.
  • Bookings placed after 11.30am will need to be confirmed by the end of the next business day.
  • All bookings placed on Friday will need to be placed by 1pm.
  • If you are a new user, you are able to use this offer a maximum of 1 time. Thereafter, new user rates will apply.
  • This offer can be withdrawn at anytime.
  • Royal Mail standard product terms and conditions apply

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