Hull City Council partner with Whistl to drive cost efficiencies

In 2011, following a post room centralisation process, Hull City Council undertook a review of their postal provider. Whistl was chosen as the Council’s new partner based on quality of service, account management, cost reporting and cost-effectiveness.

Whistl and the Hull City Council team worked together to agree a comprehensive training and change management plan to ensure the switch to Whistl ran as smoothly as possible. Numerous workshops were held for all Council staff, information and how-to guides were produced and distributed and regular review meetings were held to monitor progress.

Hull City Council are very pleased with the itemised weekly invoicing, departmental billing and reporting Whistl provides.

With the ongoing cost savings, an increase in ‘machineable’ mail of 30% and the move to Whistl’s indica and return address printing service (removing the need for pre-printed envelopes), Hull City Council save £46,000 per year with further cost savings in the pipeline.

£46k cost saving achieved per year
Quality of Service Dedicated team providing training and reporting

Resolving issues has been satisfactory. Dedicated account manager and customer service specialist works well, change over to new customer specialist was well done.  Good value for money service. 

Hull City Council Richard Parker, Post & Workflow Manager