We can help you generate more cross-border trade with our new range of International mail, packets and parcels delivery services. From non-tracked to fully tracked delivery options, we can help you reach more customers in new markets. And our expert support combined with our global customer insights helps you deliver outstanding service for your overseas customers. We bring the world within reach for you, with our helpful team flying the flag for UK e-commerce.

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Grow Internationally

Helping you grow internationally

Our international services have grown to help you reach more customers in more destinations. Choose from a range of delivery options across economy, standard and premium services. From delighting customers in popular destinations with our economy and standard services, to tapping into emerging markets with our faster premium tracked services, we offer a wide range of mail and parcel delivery options to help you grow.

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Tracked Services

Fast track success with our new tracked services

Our single IT integration gives you visibility across the delivery journey. Our standard tracked service gives you cost-effective access to popular destinations, with delivery speeds between 3-7 days.

Our premium tracked service is perfect for higher value items and gives you access to emerging markets with delivery speeds of 2-4 days. This service includes customs clearance, in-flight consumer notifications, return of undeliverable items and flexible duty options.

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Cross border partner

Your cross border partner

Benefit from our expert advice across VAT, customs and duty so you can deliver a standout retail experience to your customers. Working with Whistl gives you access to overseas postal operators and multiple carriers through one UK supplier.

Our international mail services range from a time sensitive, registered service for those wanting greater peace of mind to economy solutions when time is less critical.

We can collect your domestic and international mail, packets and parcels in a single collection and process through our tried and tested Whistl UK network.

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Local experience

Give your overseas customer a local experience

In the UK, consumers demand home delivery but delivery expectations differ country by country. Here at Whistl, we offer a range of delivery options to meet consumer expectations across the globe, not just focusing on the law in those countries, but what they culturally like to do. Our standard and premium tracked services means we get in touch with your customers when your parcel is in transit, so they are in control of their order, and can enjoy the experience!

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Emerging Markets

Reach for the stars. Say hello to emerging markets

Consumer confidence for online retail is growing, especially from retailers abroad. Common markets where UK retailers appeal to internet savvy shoppers include USA, Australia, France, Germany and S. Ireland. Whereas emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil, China and Japan may be more complex to deal with but represent massive potential for UK retailer growth.

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Global Insights

Delivering exceptional service with global insights

We help you explore established markets such as Europe, USA and Australia and gives you insight into emerging markets such as China, Russia and Japan.

Our global insights can help you shape your international offering and uncover markets which you thought were out of reach.

Let’s take Australia - they love UK brands and our opposite seasons means they can benefit from our home-grown bargains. Add the fact that their domestic delivery costs are similar to international shipping costs makes this country a fabulous market for UK e-retailers.

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No customs

In established markets such as Spain, France and Germany there is no customs process so customers buying from the UK will get a similar experience to a domestic purchase.

$600 rise

The USA is already a big market for the UK (in the top 5) and USA duty threshold has just risen from $200 to $800 making us even more attractive.


Russia can be complex with changes in personal allowance levels but we have a solution to make the most of this lucrative emerging market.

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