Why Whistl?

  • The Reliable Service

    We collect, sort, transport and deliver over 4 billion mail items each year for thousands of UK businesses. You can trust our efficient team, here at Whistl to get your mail to your customers.

  • The Helpful Service

    We like to make sending your mail as straightforward as possible. We can sort your mail, track it through our system and arrange delivery on a day that suits the needs of your business. And if you ever have a question you can call your personal Account Manager for advice and help.

  • The Flexible Service

    You shouldn’t be expected to have to change your business to get your mail out the door. So we try to make sure the services work for you. From tailoring services according to your mailing volumes to arranging collection times, we take the time to make sure our services are flexible and convenient.

  • Great Value Service

    Moving to Whistl can potentially save money on your postage costs - and receive a consistent , high quality service.