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Partially Addressed Mail

Partially Addressed Mail

What is Partially Addressed Mail? 

Partially addressed mail is a new form of print advertising where you can target households with a mail item using their full address and postcode. Using Royal Mail to distribute the items gives you full UK coverage of almost 30 million households. Along with Whistl's expert targeting capabilities, you can be assured that your item will reach the right letterboxes with maximum impact on the doormat. 

What's more, the item does not require any personal data making it fully GDPR compliant without the need for personal data from yourselves. 


Let Whistl organise the entire campaign for you including targeting, print and distribution


How is Partially Addressed Mail different to Direct Mail? 

Direct Mail is addressed to the individual and requires personal data. Partially addressed mail does not target an individual. Royal Mail estimates you can reach up to 30% more households with partially addressed mail compared to Direct Mail on the same budget. The two can also complement each other when working together. 

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How is Partially Addressed Mail different to Doordrops? 

Doordrop media is targeted at postcode sector level which has around 2500 households on average per postcode sector. Partially Addressed Mail is targeted to the postcode which has just 15 households on average. This means Doordrops have a broader reach at a lower price and Partially addressed is more refined. They too, can complement each other in a campaign. 

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Whistl can organise and integrate your Doordrop, Direct and Partially Addressed Mail campaigns


How we plan and deliver your partially addressed campaigns 

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Client brief

Your dedicated account manager will handle every aspect of your campaign from brief to evaluation

Utility Importance

Expert targeting

Whistl are experts at targeting households ensuring the right people receive your message at the right time

Utility importance of customer service

High quality print

We work with the best printers in the business and can print almost anything

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Reliable distribution

Our distributions are carried out by Royal Mail alongside a households normal post

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Campaign evaluation

We will carry out a detailed campaign evaluation to find true ROI and learnings for future campaigns

Whistl drive results for Waitrose with Partially Addressed Mail 

Waitrose decided to test Partially Addressed Mail to drive new customers to their stores. 

  • Using a bespoke targeting model built by Whistl, Waitrose sent out coupons to 300K homes 
  • 1,144 NEW customers where generated 
  • 0.4% of receivers responded to the item 

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