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Finance Mail Services

Enhance your customers’ delivery experience with Whistl’s professional and reliable delivery management and business mailing solutions for financial organisations.

If your business is in the finance industry, you know that your customers’ trust is paramount. In an ever-changing digital world and with the introduction of GDPR and upcoming ePrivacy law changes, you need to be able to communicate to your customers in the way they want to be communicated to. A study by smart communications shows that 63% of people in the UK would consider switching vendors if communications expectations are not met. Smart communications also found that over a third of the UK could switch accounts if communications where not sent at the right time. 

Financial organisations need to send the right messages at the right time and in the way a customer wants to receive them. Did you know 65% of people say they find mailed bills and statements valuable? And over half say they’d feel less in control of their lives if they didn’t get important messages by post? * 

*IPA Touchpoints 5

Whether as a finance company you are sending regular customer communications, or you need to send out an event driven communication, mail is a trusted source and Whistl the trusted provider.

You can be rest assured that you are in the hands of experienced communications experts in financial mail management knowing that we work with some of the top companies in the industry including Santander, Barclays and many more.


Whistl are very proactive, knowledgeable and responsive, so I know that if I did have any issues, they would be dealt with speedily and effectively.

Cate Hillis, Yorkshire Building Society

Advertising solutions

Whether you are looking to acquire more customers or inform your current customers of a change in service, promotional advertising services like door to door leaflet distribution or partially addressed mail advertising could assist. With a suite of advertising solutions for you to choose from we can give guidance on how to increase your return on investment. 

Partially addressed mail and leaflet advertising is also highly targeted to postcode sectors, meaning no personal data is needed making it GDPR complaint.  If you are unsure of which homes are most likely to buy or connect with your services, then our dedicated InSight team can give guidance and expertise to refine your target audience and provide the best advertising solution for your requirements.


Partially Addressed Mail

Mail delivery management solutions 

We can collect all your mail at a time that suits your campaign or communication needs and manage the full process through o delivery via Royal Mail. 

With sorted and unsorted mail options and a reliable transport network, you really can put your trust in us when it comes to financial mail management.

So whether you need to send out an update to your customers on their pricing plan, an invoice or promotional communication about what is available to them as an upgrade, we have mail delivery solutions to suit.


Unsorted Mail Services

Trusted memberships

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A not for profit organisation with members from the graphic communications industry. Their goal is to explain why print and paper remains a practical and attractive form of communication.


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DMA Logo

A network >1000 UK companies, members have access to research, free legal advice, political lobbying and industry advice. DMA work is underpinned by their code which puts the customer first.


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A marketing organisation providing best practice guidelines, legal and copy advice and professional certificates and diplomas for the marketing promotional industry.


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The Joint Industry Committee for Mail. Responsible for analysing audience measurement for mail, created with our founding partners in 2018 by The IPA, ISBA, Whistl and Royal Mail. 


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