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Mail and Telecoms

Providing professional and reliable delivery management for the telecoms industry, Whistl can help you increase your delivery performance and enhance your customers’ delivery experience.

As a telecommunication company you have to provide a reliable and valuable infrastructure to your customers, to enhance the way that they live and interact. As a fast-paced and continually evolving industry, we understand that you need to keep your customers informed and updated. From important periodical customer notifications to promotional Direct Mail marketing campaigns. 

With advancements in technology and product innovation, there is often a need to communicate to your audience. Whistl’s dedicated account management team and in-house InSight team help you manage your transactional and promotional mail items cost-effectively. With these advancements in technology, consumers now have greater choice in suppliers than before, often resulting in them switching from one provider to another, or seasonally dialling down their packages for financial savings.

Providing bespoke solutions for your business needs, Whistl can help your business continue to stand out in a complex marketplace and continue to support your campaign generated revenues.  


With enhanced connectivity and improved digital technology, consumers today have more control on how they interact with each other and create a more personalised environment. With the increase of ‘smart home devices’ UK homes now have the opportunity to connect wirelessly with their broadband hubs and control a number of devices around the home, all from managed from a hub or smartphone device. With more consumers responding to this trend, technology and telecommunications companies desire the right shipping solutions for to get these products delivered on time. It is predicted that by the end of 2023 the smartphone will be the most used digital device, with an estimated 92% of the UK adult population owning a device. Currently the most popular smart home device is smart speakers which predictions of 144.3m of these items to be shipped in 2019 and growing to 240.1m by 2023


We have used Whistl for mailings and doordrops since 2004. They always deliver excellent service.

Keith Martin, Sky

Mail management services

With our high-speed sortation technology, national network and reliable transport fleet you can count on Whistl to deliver for you day in, day out.

Our extensive service portfolio includes international mail, sorted and unsorted options and tracking solutions, all of which benefit from our simple process; one collection, one account manager and one invoice.

So whether you need to send out an update to your customers on their pricing plan, an invoice or promotional communication about what is available to them as an upgrade, we have mail delivery solutions to suit.


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Advertising solutions

Whether you need to drive customer acquisition through direct mail or door to door leaflet advertising, increase customer engagement or retention, we can help ensure as a telecoms company you deliver a return on investment.

With Whistl you have the full access of door drop or mail services including Partially Addressed Mail. With homes targeted at geo-demographic level i.e. it is addressed to street and home level but does not contain the homeowner’s name and  instead it has a creative appeal to a certain audience profile or has a generic addressed title of ‘broadband user’,” meaning it is also a GDPR compliant mail marketing channel.


Partially Addressed Mail

Parcel Services

The management of multiple product deliveries and consumer orders can be made simple with Whistl’s integrated IT systems supporting a flexible range of delivery services. Our suite of parcel delivery and fulfilment services gives you the reliability and efficiency for delivery of your products and items to your customers here in the UK or an address abroad, whether that is a broadband router or set top box.

Business Parcel Delivery

Trusted memberships

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A not for profit organisation with members from the graphic communications industry. Their goal is to explain why print and paper remains a practical and attractive form of communication.


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A network >1000 UK companies, members have access to research, free legal advice, political lobbying and industry advice. DMA work is underpinned by their code which puts the customer first.


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A marketing organisation providing best practice guidelines, legal and copy advice and professional certificates and diplomas for the marketing promotional industry.


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The Joint Industry Committee for Mail. Responsible for analysing audience measurement for mail, created with our founding partners in 2018 by The IPA, ISBA, Whistl and Royal Mail. 


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