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Increase customer engagement, acquisition or retention with doordrops including targeted leaflets, catalogue, samples and partially addressed. 

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  Advertising solutions - creating a tangible, targeted and measurable part of your marketing and media mix

Whistl is a JICMAIL Platinum accredited expert in enabling brands to connect with consumers in their homes. We apply the relevant insight and data analytics to target households that fit geo-demographic profiles.

With access to almost 29 million UK residential homes and access to Europe, you have a great opportunity to inform and update your target audience. Whistl’s consultative full circle, 360° approach starts with your campaign brief, through to a full evaluation of your campaign to create a true test and learn approach. 

Looking to plan an addressed Direct Mail campaign, Posthub (part of the Whistl Group) has the expertise to support all elements of postal campaign planning, including mailing data cleansing and the complete management of addressed mail delivery.

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JICMAIL Platinum Partner

Whistl Doordrop Media is a JICMAIL Platinum Organisation, we demonstrating the required levels of proficiency with JICMAIL beyond its basic application. Including evidence of JICMAIL data being embedded into the planning and reporting data ecosystem of our campaigns.

Whistl is a proud partner of JICMAIL and continues to evidence planning and data insights to systematically retain or grow business for our customers. 

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If you are looking to create a localised leaflet distribution campaign then try Leafletdrop which allows you to launch a campaign from your desktop, in minutes. Then sit back and relax as we organise everything for you. 

  • Refine your audience with our targeting tool
  • We suit all budgets and help boost ROI
  • GDPR compliant, you don't need any data 
  • Nationwide leaflet distribution - We cover the entire UK
  • Optional high quality, hassle-free leaflet printing 

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Targeted Leaflet Advertising

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We support you to plan the most effective campaign and ensure your end client maximises their connection with their consumers in their homes.


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