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Doordrop media helped Cook + Thief achieve tasty results

April 2021

Doordrop media helped Cook + Thief acquire new customers, and their campaign results saw them shortlisted in the DMA Awards 2020 for Best Use of Unaddressed Mail.

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Campaign Objective

  • Cook + Thief created a premium restaurant delivery service, aimed to bring London's best restaurant dishes to homes without diminishing the quality. 
  • Meal selections included options that have never before been available, for home delivery.
  • Cook + Thief wanted to:
    • Raise brand awareness
    • Create online registrations
    • Home delivery orders
  • Timeliness was key, Cook + Thief to ensure the campaign reached targeted homes in the early stages of the first UK Covid-19 lockdown, to maximising the brand message and offer quality meals to people in their homes (while restaurants remained closed)


  • As a new brand, Cook + Thief didn't have any historical customer data to profile and create a delivery schedule or like type homes for the door drop.
  • Working with their strategic partner Whistl, Cook + Thief used a blended data approach including key Mosaic and TGI statements, to build a robust targeting and distribution schedule.
  • Targeting householders with high incomes and successful careers with a propensity to spend more on quality products
  • Profiling homes that often consumers use a meal delivery service
  • Within a specified London geographical area where Cook + Thief could deliver to. 
  • The creative approach had clear branding and a strong call to action 'Book Your Delivery Now’. The creative was addressed with a personal message ‘Dear Neighbour’, which gave a localised and friendly tone to the message.

Campaign Results

  • Registration sign-ups target 0.7%. 
  • The door drop campaign achieved a 2.47% response rate, almost quadrupling their initial prediction of this test result.

Cook +Thief Case Study


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