The new currency for mail

Advertising mail is the third largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.7bn annually but has never had a recognised audience measurement system. All that changes with the launch of JICMAIL – the new Joint Industry Committee for Mail.

The JICMAIL committee consists of key industry bodies and businesses, representative of both the advertisers who use mail and the industry that supplies the channels.

The first annual report has been published and new data will be regularly released to the industry on a quarterly basis.

  • A highlight of some of the key findings in JICMAIL's first report:
  • The average household receives 1.3 items of addressed mail each day.
  • 65% of all addressed mail is opened.
  • For every 100 door drops received ten are passed on and shared, and each piece is revisited three times.

Read the full report here


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Want to know more about how people interact with your mailings and their post

Explore the JICMAIL database to uncover how specific advertiser direct mail and door drops are interacted with over the course of a month.

Each quarter over ten thousand new mail items are added to JICMAIL mail item database. Search the database for examples of how consumers are interacting with your specific mail activity. Understand more details such as which days have consumers interacted with your mail? On which days have commercial actions taken place, and what can we learn about the content that drives these actions? Please note you must register to use this tool.

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