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5 Ways Online Retailers Can Target Shoppers for Father’s Day

June 2015

In the run-up to Father’s Day, retailers are competing for consumers to buy their products and gifts for the special day. With the majority embracing online shopping, retailers have to become super creative and find more ways of driving shoppers to their sites and apps.

We’ve put together a list of 5 ways online retailers can target consumers:

1. Optimised Mobile and Tablet sites

Ecommerce is increasingly shifting from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. At the beginning of this year, 45% of all online traffic within the UK was accessed using smartphones and tablets. Some of the most popular ways that retailers can increase their sales on mobile include; creating responsive websites, creating specific shopping apps and using online only discounts.

However some retailers are missing out - those who have chosen not to adopt an online presence could miss out on an estimated £6.6bn a year by not going digital!

2. Targeted PPC Campaigns

Every seasonal event drives  online search volumes. By creating targeted Pay-Per-Click campaigns for Father’s Day, retailers can really increase their brand awareness, online clicks to their website and fundamentally more sales.
A good retail PPC campaign will contain relevant keywords, tailored URLs, promotional offers, and new site links – hopefully leading to an increase in online shoppers.

3. Dedicated Landing Pages

By creating a dedicated landing page for Father’s Day, retailers can attract a huge numbers of online visitors, especially if people are rushing to buy a gift last minute – many of us know that feeling. Dedicated landing pages should include tailored suggestions that are readily available and include special offers or purchases that will entice the shopper.

4. Tailored Personalised E-mails

E-mail marketing is a powerful communication tool for retailers. Using strong personalisation and emotive language, right  down to the subject line e.g. “Show your Dad you care”, “Gifts to say Thanks Dad”, will encourage shoppers to open the e-mail and engage.
E-mail is  particularly useful for attracting consumers right up to the last day – it can also prove to be very cost effective.

5. Optimised logistics

To prepare for a high volume of orders, retailers must also ensure their supply chain is optimised appropriately,  especially in the run-up to the event. Depending on sales forecasts this could involve hiring extra staff or ensuring supplies are fully stocked and available.
Other ways to prepare, may also include increasing transportation, modifying picking and packing methods and setting order deadlines to ensure shoppers gets their gifts on time.

So that’s some of the ways you can drive more site visitors and potential new business via digital.

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