Checkout Options to Help Online Retailers Grow

July 2017

Checkout Options to Help Online Retailers Grow

One of the main reasons a lot of online shoppers abandon their orders is due to insufficient options when they get to the checkout. Whether it’s due to a lack of delivery choice, payment methods or high costs, all e-commerce and online retailers need to provide plenty of options to retain and attract new customers. This is one of the main areas which can help new and existing online sellers to grow, by offering the following checkout options.

Delivery Services
The more delivery services provided the more types of customer your business will please. There are a wide variety of delivery services that you should be providing to take in as many potential customers as possible.

  • Next Day: For consumers who require your products urgently, such as for a last-minute gift. If this option is not available then they will go to a competitor offering such a service, even if they have to pay more. 
  • Same Day: Customers in even more of a rush may expect or need same day delivery services, especially when placing orders in the morning. Otherwise they will likely go offline to make such purchases, so where possible this can be worth offering. 
  • Fixed Date: Certain products may be needed in a more timely manner, not necessarily urgently if ordered in advance. It could be to arrange a delivery when someone is in (or not, should it be a gift) for example, which fixed date delivers. 
  • Time Slots: In a similar vein, more specific time slots are required for consumers so they can get packages delivered to work or home when they know they will be in and not miss them. 
  • Budget Options: Those on a budget will be less picky about delivery time slots, looking for the cheapest option, so still offering regular second-class postage should be included. 

Parcel Tracking
Along with delivery dates and times, parcel tracking is a vital service to offer where possible. Whether it’s a consumer ordering a valuable item they wish to keep tabs on with postage tracking, or a business buying products to send out to a client, universal parcel tracking presents the ideal solution.

Whistl postage and parcel tracking provides peace of mind that you and your customers have full visibility over deliveries. With this global parcel tracking service, items are collected by us, processed, transported to the nearest depot to the recipient, passed on to the delivery partner and delivered. You and your customer can see where products are across the full journey with this parcel and postage tracking. Plus, for your e-commerce or online retail business, offering package tracking ensures the accountability is not with you should there be an issue.

Payment Options
As well as delivery and universal parcel tracking, it is important to offer as many payment options as possible.

  • PayPal: With millions of users across the world, PayPal is a global payment method that is easy to link to most websites. PayPal One Touch, which offers a single-click checkout option, now has over 50 million users.
  • Credit and Debit Card: The most popular method for most consumers to buy items online is with their everyday credit and debit cards. 
  • One Click: Aside from the PayPal One Touch, offering other one click payment options is fast and convenient, making it easier for customers. 
  • Apple and Android Pay: These are making more appearances in physical stores, but offering online payments with Apple and Android Pay can make the process quicker for users. 

Make the payment process as simple as possible with a well-designed layout too. Maintain existing branding elements such as colours and fonts, but ensure it is easy for previous customers to log in and place a fast order, while for new customers the registration process isn’t overly complicated. Only ask for essential information such as an address and payment details.
From parcel tracking to one click payment methods, offering all these services when it comes to the online checkout for your business should help maintain and increase the customer base for your online retail business.

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