Government and charity doordrops outperform market during lockdown

August 2020

Whistl Doordrop Media, the market leader in audience targeting and leaflet services has announced Government doordrops have outperformed the market during lockdown with frequency of interaction up to 4.21 and in-home lifespan up to 9.5 days. This has led to a 45% increase in the media impressions generated by recent doordrops compared to Q2 2019. The data comes from JICMail, the gold-standard industry audience measurement body for advertising mail and door drops, of which Whistl is a founding member. 

Charity use of doordrop increased by 4% during the lockdown, defying an overall 41% volume drop.

Despite this fall in volume, viewing frequency for Direct Mail is 4.58; 3.19 for Door Drops; and 4.87 for Business Mail, with mail interaction up by 14%. Mail order and financial services Direct Mail and Business Mail remained resilient during lockdown.  Travel, tourism and attractions were predictably the most impacted categories.

Whistl clients using doordrops during lockdown have experienced some of their best ever results, including:

  • A furniture retailer had an 11% increase in their online sales by using doordrops despite their physical stores being closed
  • A charity has received £37k donations from just the phone in the first week of their doordrop
  • A food company saw an increase of 40% vs. the original forecasted response in the first few weeks of the campaign. The campaign is estimated to mature with +37% improvement in the cost efficiency

Mark Davies, Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media, said:

“The recent release of Q2 2020 data shines a light on the behaviour of a nation at home during lockdown Q2 2020 was an extraordinary time in so many ways, not least in terms of media consumption. Much has been reported about digital acceleration during this period but with a nation at home the latest JICMail data informs us that all mail channels benefited in terms of reach, frequency and longevity in the home. This backs up the compelling results we are seeing from client campaigns that are live at the moment indicating that there is no better time to be planning a mail or doordrop campaign.”

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