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Growing Internationally

February 2016


Europe. Brazil. China. India. USA.

All round the world.

Online isn’t just about the UK anymore - your business can now reach customers around the globe. Global growth is fuelled by the growing confidence in all things digital.


According to consumer research company Nielsen, 57% of online respondents had made an online purchase in the past six months from an overseas online retailer. The World is becoming more connected and as an online retailer your business has the opportunity to adapt and grow with this trend. It is predicted that the Global Retail market will grow by 3.2% in 2016 and eventually grow to 3.4% by 2018.

In a  recent Eurostat report, they found that 30% of European online shoppers purchased goods or services from sellers in other EU countries, up from 25% in a 2012 report. And 18% of those bought from sellers outside the EU, compared with 13% in 2012.

Omniva stated that almost half of their Peak volume was made up by deliveries from foreign online stores.

On average, 63% of frequent international online shoppers made cross-border purchases at least once a month.


So why are consumers going Global?

Mostly, it’s convenience. Customers want to be able to order their product when it’s convenient for them. International commerce possesses the attractiveness for a customer finding a fantastic product which may not be available in their own country or, your customer might be a bargain hunter and have found an item for a better price from an international supplier.

To be a success, not only must your website be efficient enough to deal with different languages and currencies, but you must have a delivery solution in place so that you can fulfil overseas orders and grow your global customer base. Delivery is one of the biggest challenges facing any company trying to expand internationally. According to the International Post Corporation, key aspects of a retailer’s delivery solution must include: reliability, tracking and timely delivery – international shoppers want to know the specific date and even the time of day, their order will be delivered.

International shipping can be a complex process but at Whistl we’re here to help you. You don’t need to worry about dealing with a range of different couriers and services because we sort it all out for you. We’ll provide you with a cost-effective way of reaching new customers in global markets. 

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