How to Avoid Undelivered Packages

October 2017

how to avoid undelivered packages

How to Avoid Undelivered Packages

Problems Caused

The main and obvious issue undelivered parcels cause is that whoever the receiving party is, they will be unhappy. If this is a customer, then it can understandably lead to dissatisfaction and result in them using a competitor for their next order as they may not view your company as reliable. Especially when requiring products in a timely manner this can be a big issue. Even for B2B deliveries, your client or partner will view undelivered parcels as unprofessional.

For your business, dealing with undelivered items will take up a lot more time and money, which can be financially damaging as well as to your reputation. Chasing up delivery companies and couriers takes an employee's focus away from their daily tasks, while arranging to source and resend what was in the parcel incurs greater costs. Depending on what is being delivered, it can also hold up a larger supply chain.

These are all things businesses want to avoid and the following methods should ensure you encounter no undelivered packages.

Label Correctly

One of the main reasons parcels do not reach their desired destination is due to incorrect or poor labelling. Firstly, always ensure the right address is put on the label, including the post code. You may need to double check with the recipient that they have not moved recently, and if they have to use their new address.

The label also needs to be clear and readable so that the courier or delivery firm will minimise any mistakes. Labelling in all capital letters can achieve this, along with using a colour that shows up and won't easily wash off.

Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking services allow package tracking on your chosen deliveries right the way through the process. Worldwide parcel tracking guarantees your peace of mind when sending out items to customers and clients wherever they are in the world, as it allows you to see where it is on the journey.

This means if there is an issue with delivery the responsibility remains with the courier or delivery company. Parcel tracking also ensures that if a customer is trying to get a refund or discount, you have proof that parcels reached their destination and were signed for.


When sending deliveries overseas, global parcel tracking can help. However, to avoid any hold ups, you need to be aware of the destination country's customs, taxes and other considerations. Within the EU, duties and VAT are fairly straightforward but when exporting to non-EU countries, there may be specific requirements or controls.

Certain countries do not allow specific imports, so checking what you are sending can legally be accepted is essential. Otherwise it will remain in customs, delaying the supply chain, wasting time and money.

Communicate with the Recipient

As well as ensuring parcels are going to the correct address, checking the recipient will either be in or has a system in place for accepting deliveries if not can avoid undelivered packages. The receiving party being out, an office being shut or not having a reception area to leave deliveries at can result in them being returned to the depot. This means the client or customer will have to go out of their way to pick it up, which will lead to lower satisfaction levels with the service.

Be Aware of Scams

If there is an issue with postage tracking or an item can't be delivered, you may be contacted by email but it is more likely the first contact will be via phone. It is important to check email addresses if you do receive one regarding an undelivered parcel, as there are many online scams in action claiming people have undelivered packages which actually infect computers with malware.

Using the above tips and postage tracking can help ensure all your deliveries reach their destination on time and lead to happy customers.

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