Skinny Coffee - The perks of the partnership

April 2019

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The Skinny Coffee Club is a weight loss programme developed for women who love coffee. Now sold in 150 countries around the world, the drink contains the highest quality natural ingredients and has built up a diehard following on social media of customers who say they've improved their health and lifestyle as a result of their products.

Here we talk to its Chairwoman, Katie Wheeler to find out a little more about its success.

Tell us a bit about Skinny Coffee Club

We’re an e-commerce business with a social focus centred around helping women achieve a healthier life through products that fit seamlessly into their daily routines.

What’s the secret behind your success?

Besides a really great product that works, our success is thanks to the wealth of great reviews left by our customers on social media. We have an army of customers that vouch for us on a daily basis through their personal social media channels. That’s our secret sauce!

Who or what has been your biggest influence?

I don’t think there’s any one company that has influenced me. I’m inspired by all sorts of businesses no matter what the industry, however, I do have a personal huge appreciation for companies like InstaSmile who create new possibilities within the e-commerce space.

Where have you seen the biggest growth in your business?

International expansion has been a major area of growth for us. We’re now selling in over 150 countries which is a great stepping stone to a whole host of new opportunities.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to other entrepreneurs?

Never make the same mistake twice and be brutally honest.

What three things are most important to you when selecting suppliers?

  1. They move fast
  2. Are great value
  3. Are great communicators

Why did you choose Whistl to manage your deliveries?

The Whistl team are super-friendly and they went above and beyond to help us meet our business requirements.

What improvements have you seen as a result of partnering with Whistl?

Customer satisfaction has increased thanks to parcels arriving on time and as expected. We’ve seen a significant reduction in international complaints which have dropped by almost 40%, and the efficiency of our order processing has improved thanks to better integration with our order management software,
Linnworks. Better still, we’ve seen a reduction in costs which we’ve passed on to customers through free delivery. As a result, we’ve seen an improvement in converting sales online, so it’s an all-around win-win.

Read the Skinny Coffee Club Case Study

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