Top tips for an effective leaflet campaign

July 2018

Make an impact - You only have seconds to make an impact before you are assigned to the dustbin so it’s essential you achieve stand-out on the doormat whether it’s an eye-catching headline, free offer, memorable design or unusual shape.

Keep it simple - You should leave the recipient in no doubt what your brand is and what it is you’re offering, so you need to keep the message clear, simple and compelling. If you try to convey too many messages, you won’t achieve cut-through or get the best results.

Make it desirable - One of the best ways to boost response is to include an incentive like a money-off promotion, discount code or information that will be of value and retained by the recipient. Giving the consumer a reward for looking at your leaflet will ultimately help increase sales and brand recall.

Be sensational - Think about appealing to all five senses with your creative to make it more memorable. Engaging the senses through touch, taste, sight, sound and smell will help to create more emotive connections and a more interactive brand experience.

Get them to take action - When you include a call to action, be very clear about what you want the recipient to do next. Give a precise deadline for customers to respond by and make it obvious how you want them to respond, whether it’s to visit your store, go online or give you a call.

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