Whistl launches new parcel carrier management system

September 2019

Whistl, the leading delivery management company in the UK, has launched its inhouse developed parcel carrier management system (CMS). 

The new CMS now enables Whistl parcel customers to access fully tracked and part-tracked domestic and international delivery services. The CMS acts as an interface between Whistl, its customers and the carriers providing the ability to print labels, despatch goods and track and report on parcel deliveries.

The new CMS has been developed by the Whistl team and is fully managed inhouse providing full control of the end-to-end customer journey and the ability to deliver a high-quality level of support to customers. 

The system build allows Whist to bring new developments to market quickly and be responsive to changing market demands.

Alistair Cochrane, Chief Development Officer Whistl, said:
“Our long-term strategy is to continuously innovate and invest in our fully tracked, part-tracked domestic and international business.  We will be launching a number of new and exciting services over the coming few months through the new carrier management system.”

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