Parcel Deliveries to Europe,

with Delivery Duties Paid

So what is the Delivery Duty Paid solution, from Whistl?

Delivery Duty Paid, from Whistl we offer, you the retailer (the shipper) a smoother movement of goods into Europe (post-Brexit). 

With Delivery Duties Paid, the customer is responsible for paying the taxes and duties. As an e-Commerce retailer application of these fees can be created at checkout to collect direct payment from the buyer.

With this parcel delivery solution, you can actively promote this solution on website and market seller platforms, to gain new sales and customers.

parcel delivery to europe

The Delivery Duty Paid Process, from Whistl

Outlined below are the steps involved in the Delivery Duties Paid service, for both you and your customers.

Delivery Duty Paid.png

Benefits of Delivery Duties Paid, from Whistl

Create a hassle-free customer buying experience for your online store, with a smooth movement of goods into Europe with:

  • Cost-efficient export shipping solution from the UK to Europe.
  • Improved speed of deliveries from order to the customer receipt.
  • Receive your order payments quicker, with quicker parcel deliveries.


Parcel Management For Retailers

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