Black Friday now more popular than January Sales with shoppers

November 2017

Black Friday now more popular than January Sales with shoppers

£321 is the average spend on sales with a 45% discount seen as a ‘good deal’.

New research from delivery management company Whistl has established that shoppers now see Black Friday as more important than the January Sales when looking for bargains.  

The findings on shopping habits will have a significant impact on how retailers approach and plan their sales strategies moving forward.  Changes in the timing of consumer spending will affect every aspect of the sales process from stock management, sales promotion both in-store and online as well as distribution and delivery activity.

Black Friday is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK but has quickly established itself and has now taken over the traditional New Year’s sales period as a time when shoppers are willing to spend on discounted items.

The research also found that the average spend annually on sales bargains is £321 with consumers saying that a 45 percent discount is a ‘good deal’.
Whistl also found that the most popular items consumers look for when bargain hunting are: clothing; technology; food; jewelry and experiences/travel.

Our findings highlight a change in UK consumer spending habits and have a significant impact on retailers.  Black Friday is no longer seen as a gimmick by the public and is now even more important to them than the January sales when looking for a bargain. The movement of the key sales period to November from January has many impacts from marketing to stock control to delivery strategies. Rather than focusing on the January sales retailers need to use January to start planning for their Black Friday sales period in 2018 so they are ready to meet the consumer demand for their bargains.

Melanie Darvall, Director Marketing & Communications at Whistl

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