Inventory management allows a true insight of saleable goods at anytime.

Let us keep your retail and ecommerce business up to date, with real time stock management information, ensuring on-time delivery performance.

Whistl offers a truly professional fulfilment and warehousing service. Offering more than just storage, stock management software allows true insight of your saleable goods at any time.

Our inventory management service helps businesses like yours understand the more detailed aspects of the stock that they carry as it can monitor weight, dimensions, amounts and location of stock. This helps you to understand when it’s time to replenish your products.  


Inventory Management

As your fulfilment services partner we help your business efficiency.. Whistl’s inventory management systems make understanding your stock simple,assisting in key analysis of sales patterns which helpaid in the prediction of future sales.

Storage and Stock Management

With almost 400,000 square foot of combined storage space, flexible staffing and secure stock control system, your stock is in safe hands.


Fulfilment Stock Management

Hanging Garment Handling

If you are a clothing retailer we have the ideal space for you with managed hanging garment handling space.


Hanging Garment Fulfilment

We store large and heavy items

With our three sites, logistics arm and large teams, we can fulfil almost any of your products large or small.


Fulfilment Warehouse Storage

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