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Inventory Management Solutions

Increase visibility of your supply chain, maximise your profitability and accelerate your fulfilment processes by outsourcing your inventory management operations.

If your business outgrowing your order management operations or looking to look at a new fulfilment outsourcing company? Whistl can help your business realise your future growth potential and create a better focus on core competencies, by managing your order and supply chain processes.

  • Whistl offers more than just warehousing and storage, our inventory management allows for complete order and stock management.
  • With innovative warehouse management systems, we give you real-time stock levels which feed into your sales sites and suppliers.
  • Our inventory systems and controls can look at every detail of the stock that they carry, such as batch or temperature controls and minimum stock levels 

Whistl creates true inventory management support, helping eCommerce brands, wholesalers and retailers understand when it’s time to replenish your products or review suppliers or discontinue stock lines.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is a warehouse operations process that involves the flow of the items from the manufacturer to another location or final customer.  As part of Whistl's outsourced fulfilment services, inventory management is more than the storage of businesses products or items, it includes:

  • The stock selection process of picking packing products and items. 
  • Rigorous auditing procedures of cycle counting.
  • Full stock management optimisation and reporting.

These inventory processes ensure our brands and businesses are informed of the volumes of their stock lines, and revenue opportunities.

Whistl's warehouse management systems and inventory management support will help your business maintain tighter controls of stock, minimising the probability of understocking your saleable items against your forecasts, avoiding customer frustration, or overstocking of low sales volumes creating a loss of profitability. 

Inventory Management Services with Whistl

Connect your e-commerce stores and supplier sites with Whistl's warehouse management systems to gain transparency in product and batch control, cycle counting and stock management. Whistl's inventory management services can including:

  • Stock checks and reporting on receipt of goods
  • Smart stock storage, including hanging garment rails for apparel
  • Batch and date control for perishable or variable product designs 
  • Keep control of best before dates
  • Stock level alerts
  • Managed return services
  • Regular stock checks and reporting
  • Cross-dock operations for quick turnaround

With decades of experience, our fulfilment operatives handle your items with the utmost care; large, small, fragile, high value or low volume, we take special care of all of your items.

Daily e-commerce orders? 

Whistl can support your business with our tailored fulfilment services

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Inventory Storage and Stock Management

With over 1.5 million square feet of combined storage space across national warehouse locations,  flexible staffing, and a secure stock control system, your stock is in safe hands with Whistl. 

We manage all of your stock inventory, keeping you up to date with stock levels for saleable items, and we can even optimise space for growing SKU and product lines.

Fulfilment Stock Management

Our Fulfilment Process

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