Christmas peak volume up and highest customer satisfaction

January 2017

Whistl ends 2016 with highest customer satisfaction
Christmas peak volume up by 21.5%

Whistl, the second largest postal operator in the UK, has announced that it ended 2016 with its highest customer recommendation scores and despite a 21.5% increase in volume on Christmas Eve, it continued to achieve a 98.6% handover quality to Royal Mail for final mile delivery.

Whistl achieved its highest customer recommendation score in its annual industry customer survey. The survey measures Net Promoter Score amongst many other performance indicators and has been running for 7 years and has seen Whistl achieve a score of 34 for the overall company. Similar B2B companies typically score between 20 and 25 in the commodity space and 30 or more in B2B service industries is seen as excellent.

Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures the likelihood of a client to recommend a supplier’s services. Whistl achieved a high score due to its account management, sustained quality of service and timing of collections. It also highlighted improvement the company had made in management information, consumables and effective review meetings.

Nick Wells, CEO of Whistl, said:
“Whistl prides itself on providing best in class customer service and striving to continually delight our customers through our high quality operational performance. I am pleased with the results from the survey but it also shows that we cannot be complacent and have to work hard every day in 2017 to ensure unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.”

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