Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2017

December 2017

The scores are in

 Here at Whistl we love feedback. It’s helpful to know what’s working, what isn’t and how we’re living up to our promises. We were delighted with the results from our latest 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey which showed that the majority of customers are happy with the service we’re providing. 83% said they are either satisfied or very satisfied doing business with us and some of our longer-standing customers even gave us an impressive Net Promoter Score of 67. They would highly recommend us! 


Here’s what some of our customers had to say about us!

"Very strong account management and internal customer service team. Communication, reporting and transparency of performance all add to customer satisfaction."
Direct Wines Limited

"Great account management, well prepared minuted meetings, issues resolved speedily and good understanding of our business and commercial requirements. Year 1 in to a 2 year has got closer to us as a business in that time, developing an understanding of the dynamics of our category."
Tom Carroll, Nature Delivered Limited (Graze)

"Overall I feel the working relationship with Whistl is a collaborative one. Whistl respond well to our requests and also guide us in areas to make further efficiencies either cost or time saving. I feel our Account Team are responsive to our requirements."
Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Ltd


Looking promising…

Everything we do at Whistl is underpinned by our five promises so it’s good to see we’re doing a pretty good job on delivering on them.


That’s not to say that the rest of you don’t think we are any of these things. It’s just that these customers were in complete agreement and scored us between 8-10 on a point scale with 10 being completely agree.

Thank you to everyone who gave both positive and negative comments. We strive to improve the way with work with you and can’t do that without your honest opinions.




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