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How Can Hiring an Apprentice Help Your Business?

December 2015

You want your business to grow and become even more successful but that means finding, employing and training new staff. Unfortunately, hiring is stressful, costing both time and money. But there is a solution. Apprenticeships are now at the forefront of many business recruitment strategies and for good reason.

Apprenticeships allow the employee to learn on the job, gain experience within a business environment, develop work skills and perhaps, earn a qualification.

With crippling university fees still increasing and the rate of unemployment still high, more and more people are deciding to look for apprenticeship roles. The government are also supporting the idea, they have invested £1.5bn into apprenticeships over recent years, and are encouraging businesses to offer these opportunities.

Businesses up and down the UK are beginning to take up the scheme and benefit from doing so. In January 2015 nearly 250,000 apprenticeships were initiated.

Read on for just some of the benefits that an apprentice can bring to your company.


Inspire New Talent

Training people at any stage of their career will help identify and nurture their talents. Moreover, you will be providing skilled workers for the future and within your industry.

Whether they’re straight out of education, following a career change or building on their skills, having inexperienced staff can be useful.

They can bring new perspectives and fresh ideas, ask the questions that need asking and identify opportunities for change and development.  


Motivate your Team


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Hiring an apprentice can also help to increase productivity. According to Gov.uk, 71% of businesses reported an increase in productivity when they hired apprentices, which averaged £214 a week.

This is not only down to having new employees who are keen to impress, but because the role also gives existing workers new and varied opportunities.

Apprentices typically need a buddy or mentor to guide them in their work, giving your current employees essential skills, such as teaching, communication and giving them a greater range of responsibility. This not only makes your workforce more experienced, it encourages them to stay and take on fresh challenges, resulting in a more committed workforce. Your personnel will feel that they are learning, being challenged and that you, as a company, value them.


Create a likeable brand

Everyone wants their company to be thought of as respectable, likeable and trustworthy. Current unemployment is a widespread issue, particularly amongst young people. Helping them find work by providing opportunities to gain skills will make your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

According to The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 81% of consumers would prefer to use a company who hires apprentices.


Forge the future

Young people are your future employees. Invest time in them now and your industry will benefit.

According to government statistics, 71% of apprentices stay with the same employer once they have finished their apprenticeship. Chances are your apprentice will continue working for you and fill your skill shortages.  


Ultimately, a clever investment

Apprenticeships are not only beneficial to the new employees.  They are a great way to keep your business fresh, increase productivity and help your workers fulfil their potential.

88% of employers believed that hiring apprentices help create a more motivated and loyal workforce.  Hiring an apprentice is a choice that supports your company’s future.


Whistl’s Apprenticeships


We offer a variety of roles for budding apprentices in locations around the UK. Many people have taken on these roles, resulting in a huge success for both them and Whistl. This is what some of our employees had to say about our schemes:

Louise Mullen was an apprentice in business admin in 2014. She is now a Depot Administrator and is also one of the mentors for the current Glasgow apprentices.  She said, “I have grown within Whistl. With the help of some fantastic colleagues and a terrific working environment, I have not only gained confidence, but also made lasting friendships within the company.”

Stevie Lawson, manager of Whilstl’s Glasgow depot, said “I believe that the up-skilling of our people will have a positive impact, and we will see this manifest itself into some high-calibre leaders for the future.”

Fancy working across our mail services, logistics, or maybe in our business admin departments? Check out our available apprenticeship schemes.  


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