How Ecommerce is Making the World Smaller

October 2018

The internet has undoubtedly made the world better connected, bringing people and businesses together that never would have associated with each other ten, twenty or more years ago. For consumers and retailers, it is the growth of ecommerce that has had one of the biggest impacts and made the world feel like a much smaller place.

Now that the ecommerce and online retail sectors have ingrained themselves into 21st century daily life, many consumers take their presence for granted. Yet it’s evident that the two have played their part in creating a smaller world. 

Digital Connectivity Drives Globalisation

According to a joint report by Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company, a new phase of globalisation is about to begin that is driven by digital connectivity and the flow of data. Part of the report looks into where purchases are made and forecasts that by 2020 consumers will spend $1 trillion on cross-border ecommerce.

While it can be assumed that most of this will be spent via the giants of ecommerce, such as Amazon, the digital connectivity is also seeing smaller online retailers connect with audiences elsewhere. For example, Manhattan-based trainer boutique Stadium Goods found its biggest shopping holiday was Singles Day in China, thanks to its partnership with Alibaba. Enabling consumers and businesses to better connect digitally has opened up such opportunities so that Chinese individuals can shop online as if they’re walking down a New York high street.

Cross-border Growth

That same report found that cross-border bandwidth has increased by about 80 times since 2015 and is predicted to do so five-fold in the next four years. Consumers and businesses are now much less restricted by physical borders than ever before. While they still exist in a political sense and have plenty of customs considerations, ecommerce has paved the way for creating a smooth export process of gods from the UK to Australia.

As one of the UK’s biggest online buyers, they benefit from lower shipping costs thanks to the higher demand and volume. A good understanding of the shopping culture, legalities and realistic delivery times and processes have helped drive this in Australia and other popular partner countries.

The Removal of Geographical Constraints

Ordering products online is now one of the most common ways for consumers and businesses to order a wide variety of items. It has made many of us become used to the immediacy of placing an order and receiving it within a few days, no matter where in the world it is being shipped out from. This is due to less focus on geographical constraints and where items are coming from.

In addition to countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, there are some, perhaps surprising, places that are no longer being constrained by geography when doing business. One such surprise is Chile. Despite its relatively small size and location in the western edge of South America, Chile ranks in the top 30 of the global retail ecommerce index. The country has benefitted from the rise of ecommerce, a smaller world, greater connectivity and online retail demand.

Demanding Consumers

Getting used to the immediacy of deliveries has also created more demanding customers for ecommerce and online retailers. Now most ecommerce businesses will offer a range of options, from next day to tracked, to appeal to their customers and prevent empty baskets.

There are plenty of brand conscious and bargain hunters who are willing to wait though. These types of customer ware often less conscious about which country they are buying from and happy to pay more for delivery, as well as wait. The ability to search the global market for rare and specific items online makes it seem a whole lot smaller.

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