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TNT Post Magically Turns Into Whistl

September 2014

Just like magic TNT Post turns into Whistl


Here at Whistl we’re shaking things up in the postal market. If you need mail delivery services for your business or enterprise just Whistl and we’ll be on our way!

Wondering why we changed our name from TNT Post to Whistl? When TNT Post separated from TNT Express in 2011, TNT Express retained the rights to use the TNT brand name and we needed to change our name by the end of this year, so we did. Now we're Whistl. We’re still the same company, same people, same great service just a different name...

We chose Whistl because happy people Whistle, it has great recall and memorability, and because it’s human.
Here at Whistl, we understand that running a business is hard enough without the hassle of sorting out your postal logistics so that’s where we come in. We offer postal services across the UK from the biggest international enterprises right down to small or medium businesses.

Our fresh approach to mail gives you freedom to choose how you send your post and when you want it to arrive. Whistl offers a personalised service that is focussed on your needs, whether it’s letters, business packets or parcels  or leaflet drops we’ll work with you to create the service that benefits you most.
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Does this sound too good to be true? It's not, it's in our DNA:


So how did we do it all? How did we go from being one of the biggest postal companies to a brand new shiny Whistl?


It took months of planning and a few late nights but in the end we changed in the time it takes to blow a whistle. If you don’t believe us, check out magician Troy change TNT Post to Whistl - in a flash.

Pretty impressive? We think so...it's a kind of magic!

The delivery landscape is changing and we're leading the way... We are Whistl.


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