Whistl launches Posthub to focus on Advertising Mail

February 2021

Whistl, the leading delivery management company in the UK, has launched a new brand, Posthub, a new offer from the company to help support brands and businesses to plan and execute effective mail campaigns.

The company identified a gap in the market for medium-sized businesses who use Advertising Mail but also require more personalised services.  This involves more than delivery management and generally will include data processing requirements.

To ensure the whole mail campaign journey is managed smoothly, Posthub provides consultative and hands-on support offering data processing services, alongside complete Mail management.  In addition, as part of the Posthub service, they will give guidance and help customers meet their campaign brief and their budget.

The team, based in Bristol, consists of Neil Carter as Sales & Commercial Director,  Mark Temperley as Operations Director, Alison Ingham-Barrow as Operations Manager, and Nick Welsman as Head of Data Management. 

For more information about Posthub visit their website: https://www.post-hub.co.uk/

The Posthub Team will work with businesses on their mailing campaigns guiding them through the postal journey from planning to delivery, whilst also helping to simplify the complexity of their data requirements.

The team is highly respected in the industry and launching Posthub enables them to provide the level and quality of service they know customers require but also backed by the UK’s leading mail delivery network.

Nick Wells, CEO of The Whistl Group

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