Whistl steps up to CDP’s “Management” level

February 2019

whistl cdp supplier engagement questionnaire

Every year Whistl responds to a Carbon Disclosure Programme, comprising of 2 questionnaires; Climate Change and Supplier Engagement. We were pleased to announce that we achieved an overall “management” level for our 2018 CDP score, an improvement on our “awareness” level which we attained in 2017.

In our Climate Change report we attained a score which is on par with both the regional average and sector average that we operate in. The score is a reflection of our actions and approach to manage climate control.

For the Supplier Engagement questionnaire we went one went one step further by achieving a score higher than average. This demonstrates our level of commitment to evaluate and recognise best practises within our supply chain.

Who are CDP and what do they do?

The CDP (formerly the ‘Carbon Disclosure Programme’) is the leading international index of climate change and carbon management for companies. CDP conduct an annual survey asking companies to disclose data on their environmental performance. CDP then analyse the data and provide a report detailing the risk, opportunities and impacts to the environment. The insights allow companies to understand their environmental impact, manage risk and capitalise on opportunities.

It is important for Whistl to have a good CDP score as it demonstrates the responsibility we have on the environment and the contribution we make to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Delighted with 2018 results

Commenting on this result, Gillian Griffiths – Head of Audit and Compliance – says;

“Moving up a level to “management” of climate change is wonderful news and a great result following all the changes we have implemented across the business. There are 4 levels – leadership, management, awareness and basic disclosure. So we’re doing really, really well.”

In 2018 Whistl reduced our CO2 emissions for Scope 1 and 2 (fleet & building utilities) by 2.38% overall.  A main contributor to this has been a switch in our utilities provider and also combining 2 depots into a new build super depot in Bolton, where we have benefited from improved fleet network efficiencies and improved facilities such as LED sensor lighting and gas free building. 

Gillian adds “The CDP score allows us to benchmark and compare our progress towards environmental stewardship against peers, in order to continuously improve their climate change governance. The annual questionnaire allows us to feedback to customers and investors on our governance, risk & opportunity management processes, CO2 emissions and value chain engagement.”

Our strategy and key themes

At Whistl we believe that focusing on long-term sustainability is the best way to achieve lasting success and create value for shareholders. This leads to not just a profitable and successful company today, but one which creates sustainable value over the long term. 

Building our business capability and thus integrating climate change risks and opportunities is central to our overall business strategy, making our operations more robust and efficient, and building deeper relationships with our customers and business partners. Our key themes are Grow, Retain, Enhance, Focus, Diversify, Engage and Differentiate which fit within our overall business strategy, evolved around a model to provide more high quality content, faster innovation and great value, all supported by strong commitment to customer service.

whistl business strategy.png

To learn more about how we are working on reducing our impact on the ecosystem and natural resources visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.


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