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Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, has the fifth highest GDP in the world and is an incredibly important international trade location for many businesses. One of the world’s biggest importers and exporters, shipping to and from the country is constantly increasing in what has become an incredibly competitive market.

As well as business postage, there is now more personal delivery demand with around 140,000 Germans living in the UK and 117,225 Brits in Germany. Close ties between the UK and Germany make it an easy and appealing market to access for many online retailers, ecommerce and other businesses looking to expand overseas. At Whistl we offer leading business solutions for mail and parcel delivery to Germany.


German Postal Statistics

Germany significantly sent and received the highest amount of addressed mail items in 2015 across Europe, ahead of some of its closest neighbours:

European Country Total Addressed Mail Items (billions)


UK 12.2
France 12.0


Compared to market mail items per household, Germany was lower down the scale with 336, compared to 433 for the UK and 416 for France.

Out of all the mail sent within Germany, 86.6% of letters were delivered on time, demonstrating great efficiency and the importance of timely deliveries. For businesses looking to enter the German market in the future, ecommerce is a big focus with 74% of individuals making an online purchase in 2016.


Arrange Parcel Delivery to Germany with Whistl

Start sending business parcels to Germany or understand more around shipping to Germany, with the business delivery management solutions we provide. Whatever industry your company works in, if you’re looking to start to send parcels to Germany or increase your exports to Germany then our services can ensure your deliveries arrive on time with a smooth process, whether you send 50 or 50,000 items each month.

Whistl are a trusted business delivery management company offering leadership in business mail and parcel delivery to ensure reliable postage to Germany. Whistl also offers leaflet and fulfilment solutions too.

Looking to improve business parcel delivery to Germany, create a business account for courier services or understand more around shipping to Germany, enquire using the links below and we will give you the guidance and information on how to effectively send parcels to Germany, helping you to increase business opportunities. Postage to Germany or shipping to Germany has never been so simple.


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