The Super Power of Mail

June 2015

Multi-channel campaigns that include mail are 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance and 40% more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels than campaigns without mail, according to new research by Royal Mail MarketReach.

The 18-month research study, which explores the ‘life’ of mail within the home, shows that physical mail has more value and impact than e-mail. However when used in combination with e-mail, online and particularly TV advertising, it is much more effective at driving response.

Mail clearly has a strong interaction with other media – it’s the physical trigger that drives digital response. Consumers engage and interact with mail in a different way. That’s because physical mail is a direct sensory experience of your brand and people feel more valued when they receive something tangible.

Melanie Darvall, Director of Marketing and Communications at Whistl said: “Digital media has brought a diverse range of channels through which brands and consumers communicate. What this research shows is that physical mail is an essential part of that communications mix. Mail is opened, mail is read and mail is kept – it’s an extremely effective way of getting the best ROI for your marketing campaigns.”

For the full story about the value of direct mail see our short animation.

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