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International Parcel Delivery

Delivery Duties Unpaid

International Parcel Deliveries Duty Unpaid 

Following Brexit, the UK will is no longer part of a single market. This means that e-Commerce goods being sold across the UK and EU border will be subject to customs duties and taxes. In addition to our Delivery Duty Paid solution, Whistl also offers a Delivery Duty Unpaid option. With a Delivery Duty Unpaid service, the recipient of the item is responsible for paying taxes and duties. The final recipient will be notified of the associated costs, and a request to settle duties and taxes will be required in full before the goods are cleared and delivered. In addition to the price of the parcel delivery service. 

So what is Whistl's Delivery Duty Unpaid solution?

With Whistl's Delivery Duty Unpaid option, your customer (the recipient) is responsible for paying the taxes and duties. Whistl will manage the full process of the deliveries and customs, the customer is ultimately responsible for paying any the duties before they can take final possession of their package.

The main advantage of using a Delivery Duty Unpaid is could be with your price-conscious customer and the comparison of the items cost at checkout. The additional duties and taxes must be clear to the customer and the process of payment to ensure that the buying experience stays positive until goods are received, and beyond. 

International e Commerce Parcel Delivery

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The Whistl's Delivery Duty Unpaid Process

Outlined below are the steps involved to ensure the most effective tracked parcel delivery solution for you and your customers.

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Whistl enables businesses and brands to expand markets with international shipping solutions

Retail and e-commerce companies need solutions to ensure their goods reach their customers', sometimes this can require multiple deliveries, in a single day. Whether you are importing or exporting items, by working with Whistl you have the benefit of our expertise and unique partnerships to ensure compliant customs processes and options for taxes and duty payments. 

Your customer's items will be delivered more efficiently with Whistl. We manage and support your business by taking away the headache of the complex clearance process. 

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