Specsavers uses intelligent doordrop to fulfil its vision to drive instore footfall

Doordrop media is a crucial part of the local, regional and national media mix for Specsavers opticians. The use of multi-page doordrop, produced in-house, supports brand engagement at a local, store-specific level in conjunction with national media and drives sales.

Specsavers’ doordrop is based around a well-developed, consistent multi-page creative that showcases Specsavers’ range, quality and expertise, provides information and incentivises consumers to come instore for an eye test.  Our targeting is based on insight from a combination of customer data, geo-demographics and retail catchment.

Whistl has delivered consistent campaign results for Specsavers. Doordrop media is established as one of the their top-performing media channels and our approach to evaluation reveals continuous opportunities to optimise future campaigns.

Multi-Page Doordrop Builds higher engagement with consumers
Doordrops used nationally Works in conjunction with other media channels

One of the main benefits of working with Whistl is the level and quality of interaction with our Account Management team, ranging from daily conversations on consumables and forecasts, to support from their Directors. This assistance has been invaluable.

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