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International Mail To Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country at over 17 million km² in size. With a population of 145.9m in 2020, Russia ranked number 9 in the country list by population. As a diverse and sizeable nation, this offers plenty of opportunities for businesses looking to expand overseas.

Spanning such a large area, sending parcels to Russia can create worries about deliveries arriving at the correct destination on time. From sending a parcel to Moscow and St Petersburg or further afield to Kazan and Omsk, our Whistl international parcel delivery services provide reliable business delivery management solutions to get your items where they need to be on time.

Russia’s Ecommerce Market

75% of Russia’s population are internet users, and cross border shopping was expected to increase to a market share of 31.2% in 2019.  Almost half of the international spending in Russia was made in China, 22% of sales from Europe, and USA taking 11% of the market share in 2018. Russia’s top imports include computers, machinery, vehicles, and pharmaceuticals, with these and many more sectors offering opportunities for e-commerce and online retailers looking to expand.

According to The World’s Top Export Report, Russia was the fastest growing exporter between 2015-2019, with a 26.8% increase in 5 years and its export market value reaching $422.8billion in 2019

Postage to Russia with Whistl

Sending parcels to Russia doesn’t need to be complicated. Get started with Whistl as we offer reliable and flexible options for frequent deliveries across Russia. Fully tracked international parcels, express delivery, and supported customs clearance will help you get parcels and mail to destinations across Russia safely and on time.

For added convenience, at Whistl we can collect your parcels, sort, despatch, and hand over to an international delivery agent to ensure accurate deliveries.

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