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International Deliveries for the UK

The UK is undeniably a leader within Europe and one of the strongest trading powers in the world with the fifth-largest economy in the world according to the World Bank Group.

With a population of over 67m and almost 80% of whom are online shoppers, it is a mature and well-established eCommerce market.  In addition, with a highly developed logistics infrastructure and limited barriers to entry, the UK remains a lucrative market for importers and exporters. Ecommerce turnover in the UK is expected to reach over 200 billion euros at the end of 2019, and an increase of 14.6%.

At Whistl we offer worldwide delivery solutions for mail and parcel delivery to and from the UK. Our services are reliable, fast, and affordable to suit your needs. With expert knowledge of the market and strong partnerships with key network providers, Whistl can support your business in creating successful delivery solutions to this market.

United Kingdom Postage Facts 

The 2018 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping index revealed that UK parcel shipments amounted to $15.1b in revenue with 3.5 billion parcels shipped, an increase of 12.4% from the previous year. The parcel growth shows no sign of slowing down and according to Apex Insight business-to-consumer parcels are expected to represent 73% of the market value in 2023.

Ofcom reported that the volume of addressed letters stood at 10.2 billion items in the 2018-2019 financial year, a decline of 8% but still amounting to a significant £3.8 billion in revenue. 

If your business requires to send mail or parcels abroad from the UK, Whistl is the delivery partner of choice, we offer flexible international parcel delivery solutions to meet your needs.

Arrange Parcel Delivery from the United Kingdom with Whistl

Wherever your customers are based, we can help you reach them with dedicated global shipping solutions. Here at Whistl, we’ve developed a range of international courier services to give you greater choice, whether you are looking to import or export your items.

If you want to reach customers in Europe or markets further afield, we offer a full range of international parcel delivery services, including item-level tracking with UK and International InSight services and international parcel delivery with customs clearance, to meet your business parcel delivery needs.

With Whistl you benefit from convenient collection times, no minimum weights for your parcels and a dedicated account manager to oversee the process. We offer you a seamless service that is guaranteed to provide you with the solutions you need to get your parcels delivered within the UK. With a wealth of industry experience, we are flexible and have built up networks to support your parcel deliveries, into and from the United Kingdom.

Arrange Parcel Delivery to or from The United Kingdom with Whistl's International Shipping Services

Whatever industry your company works in, if you’re looking to start to send parcels to The UK or increase your international exports out of the UK then our services can ensure your deliveries arrive on time with a smooth process.

Whistl is a trusted business delivery management company offering leadership in business mail and parcel delivery solutions, to ensure reliable postage to and from The United Kingdom.

With Whistl we work with you in partnership to understand your shipping needs, to find the right service and carriers to get your customers' items delivered.

Whistl's International Parcel Delivery Services

Whistl can support your International Parcel Deliveries

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The UK Market and their Shipping Potential

Whistl has conducted a research study into the UK market, to understand changing customer international buying habits. 

Our research study was conducted online from 25th – 29th March 2020 and all participants were sourced from a large international online panel provider.

The top trends in the purchasing habits of consumers in the United Kingdom have been highlighted below. 

 UK Frequency of Purchase.PNG

30% made a purchase in the last four weeks!

Consumers in the UK want better prices, the latest products, and unique items, and they are no longer limited to our domestic market. For businesses here in the UK or for businesses located in foreign markets wanting to expand their customer base, the UK is an ideal market place to explore. 

It’s vital they understand the market in the UK further to attract and retain shoppers. Whistl has outlined some key facts from our recent cross-border consumer research findings, to provide businesses with further insight into these customer habits, expectations, and concerns.

What items are consumers in the UK buying from international sellers?

48% of consumers in the UK purchased fashion items (clothing, shoes & accessories)

UK Consumer Cross-Border Item Purchases.PNG

Which countries are coming out top when it comes to purchasing goods internationally?

The majority of shoppers in the UK have purchased an item from:

UK Cross-Border Countries of Purchase.PNG

British Expectations and Concerns

home 01@2x


a complex returns process was a concern

Goods flown

16.2 days

acceptable delivery window

Customs clearance


customs (costs & processes) a disadvantage

What do UK consumers see as the main advantages and disadvantages of cross-border purchasing?

Advantages Disadvantages
60% do so to take advantage of better prices 73% were concerned about longer delivery times
59% to gain a product not available locally 50% about receiving low quality or fraudulent goods
45% to access a unique product 44% about complex return procedures

The most popular retailer websites for our UK panel

  1. Amazon (72%)
  2. eBay (55%)

The most popular payment options for our Australian panel

  1. PayPal (65%)
  2. Credit card (35%)
  3. Debit card (19%)
PayPal payment choice

International Fulfilment Services 

Our range of international order fulfilment and distribution options allows you to expand your offering around the globe. Reach international customers, by letting Whistl manage your logistics. 

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Tracked International Parcel Deliveries

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