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An international fulfilment and contact centre solution for Day-Timer

September 2005

Day-Timer founded in 1947, offers a range of products centring on time management and personal productivity.

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Day-Timer operates a true multi-channel marketing strategy covering catalogue, online, business wholesale to retail and corporate sales.  

The Fulfilment Relationship

Day-Timer offers around 700 SKUs covering a comprehensive range of specialist inserts, many of which are very visually similar, which demands very skilled picking and packing accuracy, as well as a full range of accessories and high-value leather binders.

The Day-Timer customer's profile is high-income 'professionals' who buy direct or through their corporations and rightly expect impeccable service and exemplary delivery covering timeliness, presentation through high-quality packaging and display packs. Whistl manages high-value bulk orders to Day-Timer's corporate customers in both in the UK and international locations such as Europe and the Middle East.

Systems and Logistics Development:

For the first seven years Clientbase, now rebranded as Whistl, was responsible for all aspects of call handling, e-mail management, warehousing, pick and pack, stock control and returns handling, but on the inherited client system.

Day-Timer became a Whistl client in June 2000, we have worked together as close partners ever since, developing and adapting our solution as Day-Timer's marketing strategy evolved.

From day one our management team was included in senior-level management meetings, ensuring we had full visibility and understanding of our client's needs. This inclusion is so important in a client/supplier partnership and helps avoid many pitfalls.


David Fanous, Whistl Fulfilment Managing Director

Day-Timer Case Study


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