Everything Your Business Needs from a Fulfilment Partner

Give your customers greater choice and a better delivery experience with flexible returns management from Whistl.

Creating a straightforward returns process can aid profitability, as it improves your brand reputation. Whistl offers your business all that is required to create a seamless ecommerce returns management service. Our services both minimises the overall cost of returns to your business and also delivers a hassle-free experience for your online shoppers.

Our expert returns team ensures all returns are processed effectively to support your product sales and reverse logistics requirements.


With solutions such as a full refurbishment service, garment steaming or just re-bagging, re-labelling and re-packing we can ensure faster availability for the re-sale of your items. Some key benefits of the service. 

Full Integration with Carriers

All our internal systems are integrated with our partner carriers for a seamless returns management service.

System Produced Return Address Labels:
We make your customer returns easy for everyone with system produced labels.

Smart Carrier Collection from Customers:
Our smart systems will choose the most convenient carrier for collection for your customer, at the best price for you.


Carrier Integrations

Quality Control

We hire the keenest of eyes to ensure your products are in perfect condition, before returning to stock.

Quality Check Inspections:
Customer’s return item/s are received, and quality checked to meet your criteria for returns and refunds.

Data Capture Using Reason Codes:
All data is captured including the reason for returns for quality and research purposes. We can adjust these reason codes to your requirements.


Fulfilment Quality Control

Repackage Return Items to Saleable Stock or to Suppliers

We can manage all faulty goods with your supplier and ensure zero wastage. We also adhere to waste disposal procedures depending on your product requirements.

Fulfilment Packing

Returns Photos

We even take a photo of all damaged returns for when you need them.

Fulfilment Return Photos

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