Sorted Mail Delivery Services 

If you are looking for an easy, cost-effective way to send your pre-sorted letters and large letters whilst benefitting from a day-definite UK wide delivery, then our sorted mail services are the ideal solution for you and your business.


Enjoy much-needed flexibility and convenient pick up times whilst making great savings on your mailing with our Premier service. Simply hand over your pre-sorted letters and large letters to a member of our team who will collect them at a time to suit you. We will then ensure they are processed to full Royal Mail specification and as a Premier customer you'll also benefit from the added security of proof of delivery to Royal Mail.

Our Premier mailing service allows you to choose your pick-up and delivery times. Experience great savings on business post at Whistl.

Sorted Business Mail

Key Information

Category Machineability Formats Service Destination Min. volume items Max. weight
Pre-Sorted OCR Mailmark Mech Manual Letters Large Letters 2-day 3-day UK 4000* Letters 100g Large Letters 750g

*minimum volume, is based on per collection and will vary depending on service. Your account support team will support you on your requirements, at the time of enquiry.



  • Minimum volume of 4000 to 10,000 items per customer ID, per collection, per day
  • Mail must be sorted according to format and weight band
  • Every item must carry a Whistl approved indicia and a valid UK return address
  • A minimum of 90% of mailing items must be fully and accurately addressed and postcoded in accordance with the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File

Minimum and Maximum Dimensions

Letters Dimensions.PNGLarge Letters Dimensions.PNG

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