Reduce the cost of your business direct mailing marketing with adMail.

Make savings on direct mailing costs with adMail, ideal for businesses like yours.

Make additional savings on your promotional campaign postage costs with our added value service, adMail. Available with our Premier mailings service, adMail is ideal for businesses who send Direct Mail pieces promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage, contribute or support a cause. adMail can help reduce your mailing costs and, if used in conjunction with our eco-friendly greenPost service, you will also benefit from extra savings. 

adMail does not affect your mail drop dates or delivery times and can be applied to all Premier services in letter and large letter format only. Using the adMail checklist, customers must ensure they are compliant with all elements and must send a seed or sample mail pack to both Whistl
and Royal Mail

Mail Management Benefits

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