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Supporting retailers and mail order businesses with audience insights and advertising solutions to understand your target audience and increase your customer base.

Consumer’ power is increasing with access to more shopping platforms and buying choice than ever before. With multiple ways to find a solution to a purchasing need, retailers, online stores and mail-order businesses must maintain strong brand identity and position of trust, to finalise that all-important sale.

With products and services to sell, the right advertising and promotion of your business offering will aid in creating sustained and new demand for your products, all whilst meeting the needs of your customers.

Why Retailers and Mail Order Companies use Advertising Services

Increase the awareness of your products and brands with highly effective advertising and marketing solutions. Whistl can help you define your audience, build your relevant catchments and generate traffic to your website or footfall to your bricks-and-mortar store, with highly targeted and competitive advertising solutions.

Unaddressed mail as a channel can be highly targeted. With the ability to create specific audience segments your retail message will connect with your customer base more effectively, as your message will be relevant. Improve your campaign objectives with a communication channel that is targeted, relevant and delivered to an audience most likely to purchase your products or services.

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Typical Retail Advertising and Promotional Communications:

  • Loyalty programs and statements
  • Sales periods and special offers
  • Product demonstrations
  • Relocation for physical stores
  • Promotional or seasonal booklets, catalogues or leaflets
  • This is an example list but is not restricted to the above
Retail Promotions

Retail Consumer Insights

In a highly competitive sector Statista has predicted that retailer spending in the UK is predicted to increase by 3.3% in 2019 and again by 2.9% in 2020.

Retail Spend in GB.JPG

Kantar Media has predicted that there is a population of circa 32.4 million main shoppers in the UK (source: GB TGI 2019 Q2 January 2018 – December 2018). Whistl’s advertising services help your retail business to determine which of the 29 million residential homes in the UK contain both your target customers and these main shoppers and decision-makers.

To access the complete insight report on the sector, complete the online enquiry form and one of our account managers will get in touch to discuss your needs.  

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Consumer insights improve retailer advertising campaigns

To ensure that your retail mailing campaign is effective, Whistl can support your business objectives with audience insight and segmentation. By understanding more around your customer or prospect base, your door drop campaign will create more of a direct connection to influence buying behavior. These segments can include:

  • Purchase history
  • Value of purchase
  • Household composition
  • Gender
  • Life stage or Age
  • Income or household income
  • Occupation
  • Location (of physical stores)
Whistl Retail Customer Penetration Insight

We have been impressed with their account management, which has been pro-active and when we have had problems with factors such as print deadlines, Whistl has accommodated this, ensuring that the distribution still went out on time.

Suzanne Roderick, Campaign Planning Manager at John Lewis

Printed Media engages with your audience to create a positive action

Printed door drop media items can create more of a sensory experience providing more of a direct connection and experience for the retailer with the recipient. With a tangible channel such as a mail, your retailer brand can is more easily recalled.

Printed advertising mail by nature has the ability to use different textures and shapes, allowing the delivered item to be more be tactile, which is a real opportunity to gain new customers or improve customer loyalty. When planned correctly and addressed mail items can have a pivotal role within the marketing media mix, aiding to boost memorability and potentially increase purchase intent.

By focusing on the right message to the right person at the right time will ensure your retail campaign will generate the best return on investment.

Benefits of Printed Media

Partially Addressed Mail

Whistl also offers a fully GDPR compliant option for our customers with partially addressed mail. Partially addressed mail or PAM offers the chance for retailers and e-Commerce businesses to connect with customers or prospects, influencing product selection and spending behavior.

Campaign effectiveness is increased when audience profiling and insights are used to identify the right homes, your retailer communication is to be sent too. PAM is an advertising mail option that is as compliant to GDPR rules, as an unaddressed door drop campaign.

86% PAM JicMail 2017-2018.JPG

GDPR compliant mail delivery

Partially addressed mail offers your business the ability to deliver a promotional marketing message in a GDPR world, as PAM is a form of direct mail, without the use of any personal data. Creatively items are 'partially' addressed using a generic name for your recipients such as ‘occupant’ and no personal identification data is used, within the targeting process or delivery of your campaign items. 

Whistl’s dedicated in-house insight and planning team will help you strengthen your audience profiles and plan a strong advertising campaign, to maximise your marketing results against your budget.

PAM Example Envelope

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