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Supporting the Entertainment and Leisure Industry with Advertising services

Entertainment and Leisure Mail Solutions

Supporting the entertainment and leisure industry with audience insights and advertising solutions, allowing you to understand your target audience and increase your customer base.

Recent research from Mintel has shown that UK consumers are in pursuit of more experience-led activities. With concerts, theatres and other live music events seeing a real rise in ticket demand in the last few years.  

UK households are actively seeking out more local and national leisure activities as a family and with friends. More physical activities have seen a rise such as trampoline parks and assault courses. Group activities like tenpin bowling are back in fashion with operators improving their locations and creating a more general appeal, with improved food choices and additional activities to keep you on-site, such as live music and karaoke.

The future of the UK leisure market is predicted to be in great shape, with Brits forecast to spend an eye-watering £141 billion on entertainment and leisure by 2022.

With UK adults taking an average of 3.4 holidays a year in 2018, what to do and where to go on holiday has become more diverse in choice and value. With a rise in technology, emerging organisations such as Airbnb and comparison sites, the UK population has never had so many new ways to find solutions to their leisure needs.

Virgin Trains Doordrop Case Study

Virgin Trains used door drop media and press activity to fill empty seats on various off-peak trains on their Manchester to London route. By extending their ‘Arrive Awesome’ campaign the creative showed the value, speed, and experience of travelling by train (as supposed to driving or flying to London). The door drop schedule was created by defining specific catchments from required stations and data segmentation of the defined target audience.

Creatively the campaign was brought to life with witty language. Virgin was able to use print to point out the obvious flaws of alternative travel options, tips on travel and benefits of travelling by Virgin Trains. The printed guide included a complimentary £10 voucher off their next train journey.

The door drop succeeded in the industry benchmark in response rates by 40% and generated a £2.4million in revenue. Read the full case study here

Virgin Trains Doordrop Case Study Creative

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Advertising Services from Whistl

As a tangible channel, advertising services such as door drop media can be used to build trust, reminding and reassuring your previous customer base of the great services they have previously used or received. With advertising mail and doordrop media, your business also has the ability to create stronger promotional messages, acquire new visitors or customers and in-turn successfully growing your profitability and consumer base.

Door drop media is a highly-targeted solution, which your entertainment and leisure business can take advantage of. With items delivered directly into the home, your message is likely to create a stronger connection to your target audience, in-turn better influencing their decision-making process and brand loyalty. As a tangible channel, leaflet advertising has the benefit of more creative freedom than a standard direct mail piece. As the item is unaddressed and there is no set format size, the only real restriction to your communication piece is that it can be delivered through the letterbox.

Whistl are experts in enabling brands to connect with consumers in their own homes. Our process starts with your communication planning strategy, to understand your target audience or customer base. Whistl’s dedicated planning and insight team have the right systems and full data analytics tools to understand the reasons behind your customers’ choices and how to best target the right households.

With access to almost all of the 29 million UK residential homes and extended reach into European markets, Whistl ensures your telecommunications company has the best opportunity to inform and update your key target homes.

Whistl’s consultative full circle, 360° approach helps our account management team and insight specialists focus on your communication challenges. All successful leaflet advertising campaigns start with your campaign brief, the question you need to answer. Our effective full circle approach allows us to understand the challenge and create the right test and learn approach to improve campaign success.

The team here at Whistl, becomes an extension of your marketing and communications team and can even work with your third-party companies, printers or your marketing or advertising agency. Our account management teamwork with your business throughout every step of the campaign planning process, to maximise your return on investment

Partially Addressed Mail

Whistl also offers a fully GDPR compliant option for our customers with partially addressed mail. Partially addressed mail or PAM offers the chance for entertainment and leisure companies to connect with customers or prospects, influencing product selection and spending behavior.

Campaign effectiveness is increased when audience profiling and insights are used to identify the right homes, your entertainment and leisure communication is to be sent too. PAM is an advertising mail option that is as compliant to GDPR rules, as an unaddressed door drop campaign.

86% PAM JicMail 2017-2018.JPG

GDPR compliant mail delivery

Partially addressed mail offers your business the ability to deliver a promotional marketing message in a GDPR world, as PAM is a form of direct mail, without the use of any personal data. Creatively items are 'partially' addressed using a generic name for your recipients such as ‘occupant’ and no personal identification data is used, within the targeting process or delivery of your campaign items. 

Whistl’s dedicated in-house insight and planning team will help you strengthen your audience profiles and plan a strong advertising campaign, to maximise your marketing results against your budget.

PAM Example Envelope

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