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Raising Awareness of Audiology with Humour and Doordrop Media

December 2019


Specsavers has been a family-run business for over 30 years, working together with their store partners to provide the best value optometry, audiology and other healthcare service, in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

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Campaign Objective

Doordrop media is a crucial part of the local, regional and national media mix for Specsavers opticians. The use of multi-page door drops, produced in-house, supports brand engagement at a local, store-specific level in conjunction with national media and drives sales.

In addition to their optometry service, they are also the UK’s leading high-street audiologist, however, awareness of this Specsavers service was poor. To counter this position the retailer sought to understand more about its audience to increase its presence.

When creating the campaign and using research there was an understanding that the communication would also need to break down some of the target audiences' resistance to accepting hearing problems and wearing an aid, normalising it as an issue.

Focus groups were used to develop the communication style, to ensure that while hearing issues are a sensitive and serious subject, humour could be established as a way to disarm consumers and relax them into talking about hearing concerns.

Using historical audience data an intelligent insight approach was used maximised impact to the recipients and the performance of the printed channel. The customer data was modelled and regional customer profiles, to boost relevance on receipt with the target prospects.


The Creative Solution

Hearing loss can be a traumatic time for sufferers, so the message needed to quickly engage with the consumer and be relatable, allowing them to open up and consider the need and benefits.

A four-page multi-page leaflet was chosen to inform prospects of Specsavers’ expert service.

The content drew on learnings from ongoing focus groups. Hearing problems were synonymous with lost youth - even though many participants felt young. This youthful humour - fitting with the retailer’s tone of voice - was established as a route to engage prospects.

The door drop took consumers on a journey to a call to action: risqué humour (plants misheard as pants); striking images; engaging family by discussing everyday problems with levity; and a “no one will ever know” approach explaining how technology has made aids smaller.

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The Campaign Results 

The campaign reached 3.8 million households over a seven-week period and delivered 1,727 calls; a 32% increase on the previous year's results (2018).

The door drop campaign results were ranked positively with Specsavers above the running TV and out of home campaigns. 

The use of the unaddressed printed door drop media channel helped to normalise hearing health, and also built long-term consideration of the service. The creative treatment had evolved from the previous campaign leaflet of eight pages to four pages, cutting print costs and still improved brand consideration by 15% and purchase intent by 10%.

The stunning campaign results were reflected in the DMA 2019 Bronze Award Win


The DMA Award Entry Campaign Team

David Bedwin, Group Account Director, Whistl - Garry Woodward, Account Manager, Whistl - Pip Queripel, Head of Marketing (Audiology), Specsavers - Dave Legge, Senior Marketing Manager, Specsavers


Specsavers Case Study


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