1000 customers generated for Gtech

June 2019

Gtech test Doordrop Media and Black Friday to generate new customers using Whistl’s intelligent doordrop approach 

Gtech logo

Gtech design and manufacture cordless appliances for the home and garden. Their founder and CEO developed the world’s first cordless sweeper and have since gone from strength to strength. Their mission is to make life easier by producing the best possible products for the home. 

Campaign objective

To create a GDPR compliant and highly targeted doordrop campaign to increase the penetration of direct customers. Doordrop was tested as a standalone acquisition channel and to support Black Friday. 


Two 6 page roll folds were created offering a free gift worth £50 or savings of up to £150 and free delivery. Whistl created a targeting model using Gtech anonymised postcode data and located the best postcode sectors. National and Regional Mosaic profiles were created to enhance the targeting approach. Headroom opportunity was key in the success of these campaigns.

Campaign results

Within 2 weeks of the doordrop landing: 

  • Nearly 1,000 NEW customers were generated
  • A response rate of 0.106%
  • An ROI of nearly 3:1

Gtech Case Study


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