Sky use door drop media to create the Whole Story and acquire new customers

August 2015

Sky UK provides television and broadband Internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom.

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Door drops are a key medium for Sky – they enable us to get broadcast coverage at a low cost. For this campaign, we were able to refresh the creative by capitalising on our great content and introducing a new format.

Liam Popham, Marketing Manager Sky UK

Campaign objective

Sky had a challenge on their hands; to attract large volumes of Freeview customers who weren’t paying for TV, to Sky’s paid for service. Research consistently showed that Freeview customers didn’t usually see the value in pay TV for the price.



Sky wanted to ensure that their message reached customers most likely to switch. Working with their insight and decision science team, a model was developed that among other things, looked at pay TV penetration, financial risk, affluence, and overlaid a high concentration of Freeview customers


Campaign results

Results were outstanding Acquisition (enquiries) +15% target and conversion (sales) +18% target, showing that the “whole story, half the price” offer was hard for people to refuse, as both an emotional draw and a rational deal. Incremental sales beat the previous champion format by 22% and delivered a 1.7:1 ROMI

Sky Case Study


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