RAC's door drop activity outperforms display press

April 2016


RAC Limited is a British automotive services company headquartered in Walsall, West Midlands. Its principal services are roadside assistance and general insurance.

RAC logo

Campaign objective

Display Press was a key channel for driving new customers at a low CPA. However Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) was lower than the business average.

Objective: To find another media channel that can deliver a more affluent prospect and increase the ARPU.


Whistl created a Doordrop model that looked at both the customer profile and value of the customer to RAC. Test and control cells were then created to aid the measurement. The items were delivered by Royal Mail.

Campaign results

On a CPA basis Doordrop delivered a slightly higher result.

However on average they drove a 30% higher ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).




RAC Case Study


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