Can in-home sampling beat the in-store experience?

May 2016

Sampling works and it has for decades - for any FMCG brand manager it is an essential part of the marketing mix. A staggering 50% of UK adults* say they are more likely to buy a product if they receive a free sample of it first - but getting consumer face time is becoming increasingly difficult because of our changing purchasing habits.

Brands can offer their samples in-store, at railway stations or even on high streets. The experiential space is seemingly endless - but how effective are these routes and do they create a memorable brand experience?

How can a new style clothing detergent randomly handed out be of immediate use? Do you have access to a microwave for the pasta pot you were given at 8 am? And can you really savour a new flavour infused tea in a busy aisle on a Saturday?

The one place you are very likely to have instant access to a washing machine, microwave or kettle is in the home. It is the perfect environment in which to target consumers, and engage with them directly in a subtle way allowing them to experience a brand in a relaxed and familiar setting.

In-home sampling from Whistl provides consumers with a brand experience in the comfort of their homes, triggering the decision to purchase in-store or online. In-home sampling reduces production costs as full size products can be delivered, enabling extended sampling over a period of time. The ability to fully track campaign results using EPOS and customer loyalty scheme data has proven sampling in the home contributes to repeat purchasing, long-term sales uplifts and market share growth.

There are no more random sample handouts with Whistl’s successful in-home sampling campaigns. They are based upon intelligent targeting techniques, to ensure only the most valuable and relevant households are selected. Brands can also combine Whistl’s targeting with their own customer intelligence, to enable an even more efficient campaign resulting maximum impact and minimal wastage.


Kellogg’s successfully used in-home sampling to target health conscious consumers with a full size box of breakfast cereal, which achieved a sales uplift significantly above target. The process was also used by Lego to target specific Argos stores by identifying young families’ by store type and location - resulting in a 26% increase in sales and notable interest across social media, with consumers physically opting in to receive the sample once again making this even more tightly targeted.

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*TGI 2015

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