Doordrop Marketing with Clever Targeting: An Interview with Mark Davies

April 2016


Whether it’s attracting more shoppers to your store or giving your online sales a boost, there’s no doubt doordrops prove to be highly effective. Mark Davies, Managing Director of Whistl’s Doordrop Media division explains how intelligent targeting delivers results.

How do you accurately identify the customers you want to reach?

Geo-demographics is often the starting point for planning a doordrop campaign. We identify demographically similar areas according to socio-economic behaviour, consumer spend and lifestyle. We then intelligently blend this using a combination of client, proprietary or third party data to further identify key audience segments, behaviours and consumer preferences towards certain brands, products or services.


How does this benefit the retailer?

Understanding the behaviours of certain consumers helps to build a really accurate picture of who their customers are. It provides invaluable insight into how to maintain customers and engage with them whilst also reaching potential new ones. It informs the retailer’s retention and acquisition strategy at the planning stage to help maximise the effectiveness of their campaign.


OK, so accurate targeting can increase footfall to the store. Is it just as effective for driving online sales?

Yes doordrops are really effective at fuelling online sales particularly if you’re showcasing your product range in a catalogue or including a time-limited coupon that can be redeemed online or in-store. However, the geo-demographic profile can be very different. A household that prefers to buy from a retailer online has a very different consumer profile to a household that prefers to buy in-store. As a result, an intelligently targeted doordrop campaign will reflect this.


Is this targeting only suitable for local campaigns?

Not at all. The targeting techniques we use are scalable. Major retailers use it to gain a national customer overview, however, the more detailed intelligence applied on an individual store basis to capture key differences in customer profile by store type and location.


Can the effectiveness of this targeting be measured?

Absolutely – what’s more, we can evaluate and analyse new customer sales data resulting from a campaign that the retailer has run. This helps future campaign planning efficiencies and maximises success. It’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all medium. Intelligent targeting will give you a deeper understanding of your existing customers whilst also crucially driving acquisition. It enables brands to identify where they are, how you can best engage with them and enable you to tailor your product offerings to suit the target audience.


To find out more, read about our Doordrop Media services.

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