International Doordrop Media Congress Round Up

October 2015

On Thursday 24th September, the Managing Director of Whistl’s Doordrop Media Division, Mark Davies, spoke at the 1st International Doordrop Media Congress in Amsterdam. The Congress provided the first ever event dedicated to the discussion of Doordrop Media.

In a great start for the event, 120 people attended from 21 different countries – making the Congress truly international. Talks and discussions were held on a variety of issues within letterbox marketing, proving the method is very much back on the map.

One of the hot topics of the day was the changing role of letterbox marketing in the digital age. Where doordrops once encouraged recipients to visit their store in person, they have evolved to prompt readers to visit their website instead. It is this versatility that has allowed Doordrop Media to demonstrate resilience compared to other media, in spite of economic downturn.

Representing the European Letterbox Marketing Association (ELMA), Davies gave a presentation on the perception of Doordrop Media by European Consumers, as well as taking part in a panel discussion about the future of marketing.

Pan-European Doordrop research released by ELMA last month showed that across 18 key markets, 105 billion items were received by consumers in 2014, with a total spend estimated at €3.9bn. The channel was found to be a preferred method of retail marketing, playing a key role in the customer journey to store or online.

Further research conducted in 22 countries by ELMA last year highlighted the effectiveness of the channel in prompting customers to visit a website, with 89% of respondents saying they go online after reading Doordrop Media.

Whistl is a market leader in Doordrop media and targeting services, and we have pioneered intelligent Doordrop campaigns that apply insight and data analytics to target receptive households. We have provided innovative campaigns for companies including LEGO, BSkyB, and IKEA, that effectively raised brand awareness and engagement.

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